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The Easter celebration is a religious holiday which includes Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and the Fiesta Cuasimodo.

During the Easter period there are many processions and customs that mark out death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is traditionally a time of fasting and locals will eat fish instead of meat during this time. During Easter there is also traditional music being played along with mass and special prayers.

The Fiesta Cuasimodo is a tradition dating back to colonial times whereby the priests would travel to visit those who were unable to attend church on the Easter Sunday. These priests would travel with local Huasos or Chilean cowboys as bodyguards to protect them from having their goods stolen along the way.

The event is celebrated at various locations, especially within the city of Santiago and involves a procession following the priest who will often ride on a decorated carriage followed by the inhabitants who wear traditional and colourful attire. The celebrations last all day with the evening often featuring plenty of music and dance.

Easter Date
Easter takes place around March/April time throughout much of Chile. Santiago is a particularly good place to witness the Fiesta Cuasimodo.