Columbus Day

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Columbus Day
This colourful public holiday celebrates the arrival of the renowned explorer to Chile and is also known as El Dia de la Raza.

Christopher Columbus voyaged to the Americas in 1492 and it was on the 12th of October that he landed on the continent and it is this date that is widely celebrated.

Columbus Day celebrations features parades with lively dancing both of a traditional and more modern feel with vibrant costumes and plenty of energy from the participants.

Columbus Day is another great event for sampling Chilean cuisine, where you will often find many stalls offering traditional dishes and beverages during this celebration of the coming together of different races.

In the city of Santiago the Mapuche people parade the streets wearing traditional attire whilst energetically singing and dancing.

Date Of Columbus Day
This annual event takes place on the 12th of October.

Columbus Day is celebrated throughout Chile and is often very impressive around the cities such as Santiago.