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Christmas Chile
Christmas in Chile is regarded as a deeply religious celebration, where families come together to celebrate their Christian beliefs during this national holiday.

Many Chileans will enjoy a church service during the holiday with midnight mass on Christmas eve a popular service, although there are plenty of additional church services held throughout this festive time.

Family and friends gather together during this time and there is plenty of traditional food and beverages such as Cola de Mono served during this time. Decorations also widely feature and Christmas trees and nativity scenes are common place. The singing of Christmas carols and readings from the Bible are also a prominent feature during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and over the Christmas holiday celebrations.

Chile's own version of Santa Clause is called 'Old Man Christmas' or Viejo Pascuero and follows the same traditions as Santa Clause with reindeers a sleigh and a penchant for chimneys. Gifts are also exchanged during this time with many being opened on Christmas Eve as well as on Christmas Day.

Christmas takes place during Chile's summer so it is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy warm weather which is excellent in Chile's central and northern regions where you will be able to take advantage of the many possible outdoor pursuits that Chile has to offer.

Date Of Christmas
December the 25th is Christmas Day, with the popular midnight mass taking place on the 24th.