Easter Island Airport

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Easter Island Airport
Located at Hanga Roa the largest town and the main harbour area on the island, it is one of most remote airports in the World, and lies at the north-east slopes of the Volcano Rano Kau.

The airport's name is actually either Mataveri International Airport and as the code's make use of below it also follows the island's Spanish name as Isla de Pascua Airport.


The runway at Easter Island is approximately 10,885 feet long, sits at an elevation of 227 feet, is made of asphalt, and runs northwest to south east almost the full width of the Rano Kau volcano peninsula.

Easter Island destination include Faa'a Airport (PPT) in Papeete, Tahiti, J Chavez International Airport (LIM) in Lima, Peru and Santiago de Chile Airport (SCL).

Departures and Arrivals
LAN Airlines, American Airlines and Iberia have regular flights to and from Eater Island from Santiago de Chile and Tahiti.