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Easter Island Adventure Travel
Easter Island has plenty to keep you busy regardless of your chosen activity with both land and sea activities on offer that include:

During the summer months the sea is at its calmest for swimming with warm swimming temperatures. There are two soft sandy beaches on Easter Island Anakena and Ovahe. Anakena beach is dotted with palm trees and is slightly larger than that at Ovahe Beach which is never the less a stunning sandy beach, flanked by rocky outcrops and forming part of the islands dramatic rugged coastline. If you take a taxi here remember to arrange to be picked up as well.

Snorkelling and Diving
Enjoy the dramatic underwater landscapes surrounding Eater Island and Motu Nui. The clear blue sea allows you to easily enjoy the stunning reefs, varied rock formations, colourful tropical fish, hidden caves and underwater Moai as well.

Diving eqipment and guides can be found in Hanga Roa and diving certificates are required and instruction is on offer. There are dive sites suitable for beginners and plenty more for experienced divers with water temperature averaging 24 degrees C. The best time for diving and snorkelling is during the spring and summer months for optimum conditions.

Horseback Riding
Enjoy the varied landscape with its volcanic craters and dramatic coatline whilst on horseback. You may well find yourself off the well beaten tourist track visiting places such as the stone village at Orongo and the volcanic crater at Rano Raraku as well as many other popular sites such as at Ahu Akivi and the superb sandy beaches at Ovahe and Anakena, allowing you to really get to know this suprising island.

Boat Trips and Sea Kayaking
With a guide head out and explore the rugged coastline either up close in a kayak or on a boat trip, allowing you to enjoy the scenic coastline around the whole island.

Easter Island offers several spectacular hiking paths that cover just about every part of the island from the rugged coatal paths to the crater rims of the Rano Kau and Rano Raraku volcanoes as well as inland where due to the lack of lush vegetation you'll be able to clearly see and enjoy your surrounding area and landscape

The Museum in Hanga Roa has plenty of maps showing many of the hiking paths around the island and the locations of the Moai and other sites of interest, allowing you to plan your hike, sensible footwear is a must as there are several uneven paths some of which have very steep cliff sides and be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks.

Easter Island has plenty of reef breaks with some of the best spots on the south western side of the island, close to Hanga Roa such as at Motu Hava as well asother locations around the island at Mataveri and Tahai, however the surf here is generally not recommended for beginners especially during the winter months and you'll need a knowledgeable local surfer to show you the safest areas to go and the best way to gain access, which can often involve clambering over rocks in many cases. The surf around Eater Island does not get overcrowded and ranges from fun to furious, be aware that there are plenty of rocks and rips to watch out for.

Mountain Biking
The varied terrain and stunning views interspersed with several interesting sites and of course plenty of facinating Moai offer the avid mountain biker a great deal of choice and challenge.

There are plenty of cycling tracks around the entire island covering many sites of interest and facinating Moai. Obtain a map so that you can plan where and what you want to visit so that you have enough time at each location to fully appreciate the island at your own pace.

Shorter trips can be made within a few hours of Hanga Roa or take a picnic and head off exploring further around the island. The weather can be changeable and quite windy at times especially when your on higher ground.