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Atacama Desert Region
A vast region that contains a staggering array of colour and varied scenery that ranges from salt flats and turquoise blue lagoons, sand dunes to the impressively large geyser field and onto several dramatic rock formations that are often likened to that of the surface of the moon.

Covering such a vast expanse the Atacama desert will surprise you every step of the way and gives you the opportunity to witness some of the most impressive sunsets and sunrises, mountainous scenery, with many oases and lagoons supporting varied wildlife, all within one of the driest and most inhospitable areas in the world.

La Serena
The city of La Serena is located in the Coquimbo Region of Northern Chile contains historical monuments and fascinating architecture. The soft sandy beaches at La Serena are superb however there are strong sea currents making swimming dangerous in certain areas. The beaches located near to the city such as those found at Coquimbo are excellent for swimming due to the lack of rip currents.

San Pedro de Atacama
The town of San Pedro with its traditional white buildings provides an unusual base for several excursions to some of the most impressive locations of the Atacama desert, which include the Valle de la Luna, death valley, geyser fields, ruined fortress and the Los Flamencos National Reserve... more about San Pedro de Atacama

The city of Calama is often used as a gateway for many of the regions archaeological and geographic sites of interest most notably those found around the small town of San Pedro.

The port town of Iquique is located at the far north western region of the Atacama desert and offers several excellent beaches for relaxing and swimming as well as for other sporting opportunities. There is a duty free zone located to the north of the city as well as plenty of restaurants, hotels and even casino's available. The area surrounding Iquique is known for its archeological tours, oases and hot springs... more about Iquique

The Atacama Desert region covers northern Chile from the border with Peru southwards to around 1,600 kilometers towards central Chile.

Travel There
There are plenty of travel options to Atacama, with plane travel very often by far the quickest and most comfortable.