South Brazil Travel Guide
Florianopolis • Curitiba

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South Brazil
The incredibley diverse region of Brazil offers some outstanding areas of natural beauty from impressive waterfalls and unique rock formations to national parks filled with a varied selection of flora and fauna, also in the region are small fishing ports, picturesque white sandy beaches and plenty of surf spots as well.

Southern Cities and Regions Of Brazil
Brazil's most southerly region is bordered by Minais Gerais, Mato Groso do Sol, Atlantic Ocean, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina and contains the states of Parana, Santa Catrina and Rio Grande do Sul.

Climate of South Brazil
The south of Brazil is often subject to cold winters, especially at night and at higher altitudes where temperatures can go to as low as freezing. The summer months have their fair share of tropical storms with December, January and February often the wettest months. Average temperatures range from 45 to 65 degrees Farhenheit in the winter and 65 to 80 degrees Farhenheit in the summer.

Travel Guide To South Brazil
The south has several options open to the traveller and is well connected to the rest of Brazil by air and road with a very good bus network available between major cities.

Beaches Of South Brazil
The south offers plenty of superb beaches especially around Florianopolis, Santa Catarina which has around 42 beaches surrounding the city to choose from. This area not only offers excellent swimming opportunities but also some of the best surfing as well and has in the past held the ASP World Surfing Championships, attracting both local and international surfing talent to the area.

Guarita Beach in the state of Rio Grande do Sul near the city of Torres is a great swimming location during the summer and surfing during the winter months, with the beach also close to the Parque da Guarita which offers some superb scenery.

Tourist Attractions In South Brazil
The south has several areas of outstanding natural beauty and sites of interest, including: