Sugar Loaf Mountain
Rio de Janeiro • Brazil

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Sugar Loaf Mountain ( Pao de Acucar), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sugar Loaf Mountain is one of Rio's most distinctive landmarks, the mountain takes its name from its shape which is like that of a sugar loaf. From the top of the mountain and from the cable car ride to the top you can enjoy fantastic views of the city, the Christ Redeemer Statue and beaches such as Copacabana.

Cable Car
The cable car was introduced by Augusto Ferreira Ramos and has been in operation since 1912. There are two cable cars that can seat over 50 people and will take you to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, the first cable runs from Praia Vermelha up the Morro da Urca Urca Hil and then there is the second cable car which transports you up to the very top of Sugar Loaf which is around 1300 feet high. The platform where you get onto the second cable car has shop facilities, a helipad and the chance to view the original cable car from 1912. There can be long delays for the train during peak season so the earlier you can get there the better.

Attraction Location Guide
Sugar Loaf Mountain is located in Urca which is close to Copacabana beach.

Rock Climbing
Climbing up the mountain is also an option and there are many different climbing routes that vary in difficulty that can take you to the top.