Botanical Garden
Rio de Janeiro • Brazil

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Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Botanical Garden ( Jardim Botanico) is a wonderful garden that was founded by Dom João VI and first opened to the public in 1822. The Garden was originally used to acclimatize a range of spices such as Nutmeg to the Brazilian climate and is set in around 140 hectares of land.

Within the Garden there are many statues, bridges, fountains, ponds and species of plants such as Orchids and trees such as palms. There are also many wild animals within the garden that are used to seeing humans and so are often easy to observe up close, such as Howler Monkeys and birds such as the Channel Billed Toucan.

Now recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO the Gardens have many areas of interest such as the Avenue of Royal Palms, an old gunpowder factory, the Japanese Garden and the Lago Frei Leandro pond which contains many Victoria Water lily's.

There is also a wonderful view of the Christ Redeemer Statue from the Gardens and many different paths to stroll down and explore. Notable visitors to the Botanical Gardens include England's Queen Elizabeth and Albert Einstein.

Within the garden there is a cafe, gift shop, greenhouse and a Botanical library.

Attraction Location Guide
The Botanical Gardens are situated near to the base of the Corcavado Mountain opposite to the Jockey Club in the Jardim Botanico area in the south side of the city. Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Copacabana and Ipanema are also very close by.

There are guided tours around the Botanical Gardens available or alternatively you can purchase a map of the Gardens and walk around at your own pace.