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Pantanal • Brazil
The Pantanal is a vast area of incredibly bio-diverse savanna, forests, grasslands, rivers and lagoon wetlands in the west of Brazil covering over 140,000 square kilometers. These varied and beautiful ecosystems are home to just under 5,000 thousand species of flora and fauna offer visitors a truly inspirational wildlife viewing experience.

Pantanal Climate
The Pantanal remains hot and humid pretty much all year round with the most rainfall occurring between December, January, February and March during this time many of the trails become flooded and impassable except of course by boat. During the dry season of April to around October is often one of the best times for viewing the animals.

Pantanal Location
The Pantanal is largely located within the central and southwest of Brazil, especially within the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sol.

Pantanal Travel Guide
To reach the Pantanal you can travel by plane to either the city of Cuiba in Mato Grosso or the city of Campo Grande within Mato Grosso do Sol, which both have links with many other airports throughout Brazil. Many of the Pantanal tours travel on into the Pantanal and lodges from these two locations.

Pantanal Wildlife
Due to the Pantanal's open wilderness of floodplains and lack of dense rainforest cover it offers some of the most rewarding natural wildlife viewing opportunities on the planet. During the dry season as the floodplains recede the animals gather around the remaining water sources creating an incredible and unforgettable wildlife scene, throughout this vast region.

This unique ecosystem is thought to be home to well over 600 species of birds including owls, storks, ibis, parrots and herons, around 400 species of fish that become particularly visible during the dry season when they often become concentrated in the many of the streams, lakes and ponds throughout the Pantanal. The mammals in the Pantanal include monkeys, foxes, caimans, capybaras, deer and giant anteaters, with some of the lesser spotted animals including the elusive jaguar, the striking blue hyacinth macaw, bush dog, giant river otter and marsh deer.

Pantanal Matogrossense National Park
This vast protected area of the Pantanal is located near to Pocone close to Cuiba in Mato Grosso and contains the Cuiba River which runs through the wetland area as well as no shortage of plant and wildlife with forest areas, grasslands, seasonal wetlands and savanna lowland areas.

Pantanal Tours
There are plenty of ways to enjoy and explore the Pantanal, here are some of the most popular: