North East Brazil Travel Guide
Recife • Salvador • Fortaleza

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North East Brazil Travel Guide
Brazil's northeast offers many spectacular areas of natural beauty from thundering waterfalls and dramatic canyons to unspoiled seemingly endless golden beaches bordered by palm trees and clear waters. The largest cities within the northeast are Recife, Fortaleza, Natal and Salvador each of which offers its own unique charm and energy.

Northeast Regions and Cities
There are nine states within the Northeast which covers a total area of just over 600,000 square miles:

Northeast Brazil Climate
The northeast of Brazil has a tropical climate remaining hot for most of the year, with the most rainfall often occurring between March, April and May with year round temperatures averaging between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Northeast Brazil Travel Guide
Travelling around the northeast can be achieved by bus with frequent short and long distance services available between many of the main cities and towns in the area. Travel information can be obtained from the main bus stops known as Rodoviarias. Alternatively there are several car rental establishments often located near to the airport or within the city.

If travelling across Brazil it can be quicker to travel by plane as there are several airports located throughout the area, such as:

Northeast Tourist Attractions
There are several areas of interest and scenic beauty within the vast northeast, here are a few of the most popular locations:

Northeast Brazil Beaches
The northeast coastline has several fantastic beaches many of which are known for their tranquility, clean waters and scenic locations with many also set in amongst lush coconut groves. Some of the most popular locations are around Fortaleza in Ceara and in the state of Bahia. The state of Bahia is a popular location for surfers, especially around Itacare and also offers a vibrant cultural scene with plenty of music and traditional cuisine also on offer.

There are numerous small islands around the east coast which offer their own unique charm, such as Tinhare Island which contains the town of Morro do Sao Paulo and which has miles of palm tree lined tranquil beaches, clear waters as well as plenty to do in town as well with ample restaurants and bars for added entertainment. The beaches around Fernando de Noronha such as Conceici Beach are incredibly unspoiled and offer excellent swimming, surfing and diving opportunities.

Northeast Brazil Beach Resorts
Many of the beach resorts are located around the cities of Salvador and Fortaleza which is well known for Cumbuco Beach in particular. Many of the beaches are lined with palm trees and some like Iparana also have impressive sand dunes as well which are perfect for a bit of sand boarding. Locations such as São Miguel do Gostoso which is about 65 miles north of Natal offers vast expanses of open sand and a smart town as well with plenty of amenities such as restaurants, bars and shops to keep you entertained.

The city of Recife contains the long urban beach known as Boa Viagem which has a natural reef which helps protect the beach from strong currents and large waves and is popular with sun bathers and swimmers and with its close proximity to the city Boa Viagem also has no shortage of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, alternatively a short distance away and with its somewhat quieter beach is Sao Miguel Dos Milagres and the small fishing town of Porto de Galinhas which offers restaurant's, bars and nightclubs as well as beautiful clean sand, sea, palm trees and fascinating reefs.