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Iguacu National Park
One of south Brazil's most spectacular attractions is the Iguacu National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, containing the spectacular Iguaza Falls.

The lush green park contains several walking trails where many species of flora and fauna can be enjoyed such as monkeys, parrots, toucans, caimans and jaguars.

Iguaza Falls
The impressive Falls are just over 1.5 miles in total width and contain several beautiful cascading waterfalls which flow from around 60 to 90 meters in height surrounded by lush green vegetation which simply adds to this impressive spectacle.

Activities At Iguacu Park
There are several platforms around the falls that offer superb viewing opportunities as well as walkways that go over the river itself so that the shear power of the falls within the basin can be enjoyed and admired.

Other pursuits include boat trips that take you close to the falls for a more close up and truly unique view of the falls and surrounding area as well as activities that offer a bit more of an adrenaline rush such as white water river rafting and abseiling within the great canyon itself.

Location Of Iguacu Park
The park is located within the southern state of Parana with the Falls positioned on the border between Parana, Brazil and Misiones, Argentina.

Travel Guide To Iguacu Park
The closest city to the Iguacu National Park and Falls is Foz do Iguacu within the state of Parana in south Brazil, which is served by the Foz do Iguacu International Airport (IGU) and offers travel links to many other cities throughout Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro. There are plenty of busses and that travel to the park entrance from the city and taxis are also available from the airport.