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This incredibly vibrant city is the capital and largest city in the northeastern state of Ceara and is beautifully positioned along the coast which offers plenty of tranquil sandy stretches of beach, an energetic nightlife, and a relaxing fun atmosphere.

Fortaleza Climate
Fortaleza has a tropical climate that remains pretty constant all year round with temperatures averaging between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The wettest months are typically February, March, April and May with temperatures remaining high with light winds during this time.

Fortaleza Location
The city of Fortaleza is located in the northeastern state of Ceara, Brazil, approximately 500 miles northwest of Recife.

Fortaleza Travel Guide
Fortaleza can be reached by airplane to Pinto Martins - Fortaleza International Airport (FOR) which offers several links to cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Manaus and Salvador da Bahia as well as internationally as well.

Fortaleza Shopping Guide
Fortaleza has a wide selection of shopping opportunities from modern shopping malls such as Shopping Aldeota which offer just about everything you can imagine from a shopping mall to local craft markets where plenty of hand crafted goods can be found. The Mercado Central offers a wide variety of products such as beautifully hand crafted lace items and souvenirs such as colorful arrangements of layered sand in jars and bottles to clothes, bags, hammocks, general handicrafts, food and jewelry. The lace making is particularly good in Fortaleza and you can often watch the lace makers hard at work creating items such as tablecloths and items of clothing.

Fortaleza Cuisine
There are no shortage of establishments providing a wide range of cuisine from small shacks along the beach front to a diverse selection of restaurants offering cuisine inspired from around the world. Due to Fortaleza's location fresh fish and seafood dishes are somewhat of a speciality and can be found in most restaurants.

Fortaleza Attractions
One of the main attractions of Fortaleza are the beaches both in Fortaleza and up and down the coastline within the Ceara state. Fortaleza is also well known for its party atmosphere, with plenty of nightlife ranging from bars and restaurants to live music performances, while other attractions include the imposing cathedral and elaborate Jose de Alencar Theater:

Fortaleza Beach
There are plenty of sandy urban beaches such as Praia do Futuro, Praia de Iracema and Meireles that sprawl their way along this cities coastline as well as plenty more tranquil and incredibly scenic beach locations a short drive away, one such beach is the beautiful Canoa Quebrada beach and Cumbuco Beach the latter of which, although a bit of a drive away from the city offers activities which can include dune buggy rides over the extensive white sand dune filled area as well as horse riding opportunities. There is also the fishing village Praínha located around 25 miles south of Fortaleza which is well known for its handicraft products.

Porto das Dunas Beach offers plenty of beach resorts such as the Fortaleza Beach Park which is approximately 16 miles south of Fortaleza and offers plenty of entertainment with water slides and other attractions available for children and adults and the beach here is also vast and stretches out for miles offering plenty of room.

Fortaleza Activities
The superb location that Fortaleza has next to the ocean lends itself perfectly to a wide range of beach and watersport activities. Weather conditions remain pretty constant and favorable all year round and there are no shortage of food and drink shacks along the more urban stretches of beach front.