Parintins Festival (Boi-Bumba)
Parintins • Manaus

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Parintins Festival (Boi-Bumba)
Every year the Amazonian town of Parintins comes alive with this fascinating and highly entertaining folkloric festival, which is known as the Boi-Bumba Festival.

During the three day festival there are several theatrical displays by two main teams known as Garantido and Caprichoso who are judged on their performances over the course of the event, with the winning team announced on the final night. During each evenings theatrical performance you'll be able to enjoy elaborate and colourful costumes, plenty of dancing, floats, singing and drumming music all of which are often finished off with an firework display.

This unique event attracts thousands of visitors each year, with many taking the scenic river boat cruise from Manaus along the Amazon River to reach Parintins, often whilst sleeping in hammocks and soaking up the atmosphere of this anticipated and charming festival along the way.

Date Of Parintins Festival
This popular festival takes place annually for three days, often towards the end of June.

Location Of Parintins Festival
Parintins is located around 340 miles to the east of Manaus in the Amazonas state of North Brazil.

Travel Guide To The Festival
Manaus can be reached by plane to the Eduardo Gomes International Airport (MAO) which has links to several other cities throughout Brazil. From Manaus you can then travel by boat to Parintins which is around 340 miles away from Manaus and takes around two and a half days travel time.