Independence Day

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Independence Day
Brazil's Independence Day is a National Holiday that is celebrated throughout the country in honour of the Declaration Of Independence from Portugal in 1822.

The event often features impressive military parades which in the Capital City Brasilia often includes an impressive military and air display in the presence of the President of Brazil.

Although Independence Day varies from place to place there are often plenty of street parades, many of which incorporate live music and dance entertainment as well as concerts and in some areas firework displays as well. There is also no shortage of local cuisine with plenty of food and beverages available around the main parade areas.

Date Of Independence Day
Brazil's Independence Day takes place annually on the 7th of September.

Independence Day is celebrated throughout much of Brazil and is particularly impressive within the Capital city Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Travel Guide
Brasilia as with many other cities throughout Brazil is well connected by air and road.