Cirio De Nazare
Belem • Brazil

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Cirio De Nazare
The religious festival known as Cirio De Nazare is greatly anticipated and involves a packed out river and street procession that carries the statue of Our Lady of Nazareth (Nossa Senhora de Nazare) from the cathedral known as Catedral Da Se to the Nazare Basilica in Belem.

The procession, allows the people of Belem to pay homage to the virgin of Nazareth who according to legend has performed many miracles, and involves thousands of devotees accompanying, transporting and carrying the precious icon of the Virgin of Nazareth to Belem.

When the Virgin reaches the town of Icoaraci, she is loaded onto a boat that is richly decorated with flowers and surrounded by devoted followers in small boats who accompany the icon on her journey.

When the Virgin reaches Belem there is often a spectacular fireworks display and the statue is then proudly displayed within an elaborate carriage, which is draped in beautiful flowers and has two sets of thick rope attached to it from which the carriage is pulled along by devoted followers who eagerly struggle for the chance to hold the rope and pull the carriage through the streets.

The whole event is a lively one which often concludes with friends and family getting together to enjoy a traditional meal.

Date Of Festival
The eagerly awaited Cirio de Nazare festival often takes place annually during the second weekend of October.

The festival takes place within the city of Belem in the state of Para.

Travel Guide
Belem can be reached via plane to the Belem International Airport, which has links to many other cities within Brazil. The city can also be reached via road with plenty of long distance bus connections to the south and northeast Brazil.