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Christmas, Brazil
Christmas celebrations take place in many areas throughout Brazil due to the large Catholic population who enjoy many similar traditions and customs as are found in other areas of the world.

For many Catholics Christmas celebrations begin by attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and many will also attend Mass on Christmas Day.

Christmas is a great chance for friends and family to get together with traditional family meal's often taking place followed by the exchanging of gifts.

Christmas decorations are plentiful and nativity scenes which are also known as presepio are somewhat of a speciality, varying from state to state and particularly charming in the northeast of the country.

Father Christmas or Papai Noel is also a well known figure and equally well known as the gift bearer, there are also no shortage of decorations, with fresh flowers and decorated trees being amongst some of the most popular and especially elaborate within some of the major cities.

Christmas songs also readily enjoyed during this time and its not unusual for firework displays to also be let off as part of the festivities.

Midnight Mass takes place on the 24th of December, followed on the 25th by Christmas Day. The 6th of January marks out Three Kings Day which celebrates the visiting of the three wise men.

Due to Brazil's large Catholic population, Christmas is celebrated throughout much of the country.