Brazil Carnival

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Brazil Carnival
Brazil is famous for its breathtaking carnivals which create great fervor throughout each Brazilian city, each of which offers its own excitement and enthusiasm with superb attention to detail in everything from the costumes to the incredibly well practiced routines by the many samba schools known as escolas de samba that take part.

In cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo the sambadrome is the place to be, especially on a Sunday or Monday when the very best samba schools parade through the immensely packed out exhibition alley which has a variety of excellent sectors for audience viewing from private boxes to grandstand seating and front row boxes right next to the parade runway with a capacity for well over 50,000 people.

The samba parade features 12 of the most successful samba schools performing in turn for around an hour and 20 minutes through the sambadrome with each school parade unique in colour, costume, floats and dance theme.

The samba schools are fiercely competitive and practice year round for the parade with elaborate costumes being carefully prepared ready for the event which often include headdresses, props, feathers, sequins and plenty of body paint, along with their floats which are often enormous and equally as impressive.

Each of the samba schools are judged on various elements of their performance and the winners are announced on Ash Wednesday.

Sambadrome Tickets sell out incredibly quickly so book as early as possible, with the same applying to hotel reservations as well, although be warned all the prices go up during this time of year.

After the results have been declared on Ash Wednesday and top 6 samba schools go through to the Carnival Champions Parade where they perform through sambadrome the following Saturday marking out their great achievement again to a packed out audience.

Carnivals in areas such as Salvador and Recife are slightly different in that instead of samba schools performing through a sambadrome, groups known as trios electricos perform live music and street parades take on a whole new meaning which in Recife often last for 6 days, while in other areas for several days as well. Carnivals in these areas seem to involve practically the whole city with stunning costumes, giant puppets, elaborate floats, live music and entertainment stages and of course a lively and never ending carnival atmosphere that's hard to beat wherever you are.

Date Of Brazil Carnival
Brazil Carnival take place for 4 days often over the weekend preceding the 40 days before Lent and ends on Mardi Gras.

Carnivals are held throughout Brazil with some of the most elaborate held within the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife and Salvador.