Amazonas Opera Festival
Manaus • Brazil

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Amazonas Opera Festival
This immensely popular annual event takes place within the city of Manaus in the very heart of the Amazonas region and offers the chance to enjoy both dramatic opera and ballet performances as well as other music concerts.

The official orchestra of the festival are the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra who perform regularly during the course of the festival along with several other performances by leading national and international performers.

The event takes place at several locations throughout the city most notably at the impressive Teatro Amazonas, which is well known for its superb architecture and elaborate interior which features the likes of Italian marble and superb chandeliers all of which add to the elaborate interior. The outside of the theatre has an unique wavy paved pattern that imitates the nearby river phenomenon known as the meeting of the waters.

Date Of Festival
The popular Manaus Opera Festival takes place on an annual basis during the months of April and May.

The festival is centered around the superb Teatro Amazonas, Praca Sao Sebastiao which is within the city of Manaus in North Brazil's state of Amazonas.

Travel Guide
The city of Manaus is accessible by plane to the Eduardo Gomes International Airport (MAO) which offers both domestic and international fights, boat travel is also an option but takes considerably longer.