Central and Southwest Brazil
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Central and Southwest Brazil
One of the most versatile areas in terms of unique habitats and ecosystems is within the central and southwest regions of Brazil which contains not only areas of the Amazon Rainforest but also the Pantanal wetland ecosystem as well. Both the Pantanal and Amazon Rainforest offer their own unique experiences from jungle treks and Amazon cruises to canopy tours and eco lodges surrounded by simply thousands of species of flora and fauna set amongst some superb and unforgettable landscapes.

Regions And Cities Of Central and Southwest Brazil
The central and southwest region covers well over 600,000 sq. miles and includes:

Climate Of Central and Southwest Brazil
The climate in central and southwest Brazil remains pretty hot and humid all year round with temperatures averaging between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the peak summer months of November through to February, with the most amount of rainfall falling during December, January, February and March. During the dry season April to November temperatures remain very hot often reaching well into the 90's.

Travel Guide to Central and Southwest Brazil
Travel to central and southwest Brazil can be achieved by long distance bus from many other cities across Brazil or by plane with the region being served by several international airports, including:

Tourist Attractions In Central and Southwest