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The centrally located Capital City of Brazil is a remarkable feat of construction and design which features modern architecture around every corner and was incredibly started in 1956 by the order of Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek de Olveira and near enough completed around 5 years later.

The climate in Brasilia offers average temperatures of between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit all year round with the most amount of rainfall occurring during November to February and the dry season from March to October.

The Capital of Brazil is centrally located and easily accessible from many other cities throughout the country.

Travel Guide
One of the quickest ways to reach Brasilia is via airplane to the Brasília–Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport (BSB) which has links to just about every corner of Brazil and is only a few miles away from the city centre with plenty of taxis and busses available for onward travel into the city.

Alternatively you can travel to the Capital by long distance bus, however this can take several hours or even days depending on where you are departing from.

The Capital of Brazil does not hold back in the shopping department with enormous and small scale shops available such as the modern and large scale Patio Brasil Shopping Mall and Shopping Campo Grande where you'll find just about everything from designer clothes labels to toys and jewelry. For indigenous craft market visit the FUNAI building which offers a selection of crafts from many regions of Brazil.

Brasilia has a wide variety of restaurants on offer serving both traditional and international cuisine from French and Italian cuisine to Sushi. Restaurants range from fast food type outlets to elaborate five course menu's, and there are also plenty of food stalls in and around the street markets selling snacks such as savory pasteis which are filled with a wide range of fillings and drinks such as various fruit juices.

Brasilia Sites And Attractions
One of Brasilia's main attractions is its modern architecture which can be admired in many of the main tourist attractions: