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Brazil Adventure Travel
Brazil has plenty on offer to entertain, from trekking in the unforgettable Amazon region to snorkeling around the many spectacular coral reefs found along the extensive coastline. There are also plenty of opportunities for those after a more of an adrenaline fueled sporting adventure with the likes of white water rafting, abseiling, canyoning and even sand boarding options available.

Brazil is quite simply filled with spectacular areas of natural beauty that offer trekking for all levels, terrain and durations from jungle treks to coastal walks with areas such as the Amazon and Pantanal also well known for their abundant plant and wildlife viewing opportunities along the way.

There are also numerous national parks throughout Brazil, with popular ones including the Tijuca National Park in Rio de Janeiro that offers superb views of the surrounding area. The National Park of Serra da Capivara and Chapada Diamantina National Park within the northeast of Brazil offer there own unique charm that includes unique rock formations, caves, canyons, rivers and waterfalls set amongst undulating terrain. Trekking around Icuaga National Park in south Brazil has the added bonus of the ever impressive Iguaza Falls which also offers plenty of other activities such as white water rafting and abseiling.

One of the most spectacular places to abseil is at Iguaza Falls within Iguaca National Park in southern Brazil where you can enjoy abseiling close to the impressive waterfalls that are surrounded by the lush green surroundings of the park.

White water Rafting/ Kayaking
Brazil has plenty of rivers and pristine valleys that lend themselves perfectly to white water river experiences for all levels, there are some excellent opportunities found in particular around the impressive Icuaza Falls in south brazil where you can travel along the Iguaza River amidst superb scenery, with other popular locations found near Rio de Janeiro for example along the Paraibuna River, which is close to the border with Minais Gerais.

Other areas for rafting include within the state of Para, especially along the Jacaru River, around the city of Florianopolis and close to Sao Paulo along the Juquitiba River. Many of the rivers and valley areas of Brazil offer not only superb scenery but also plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing as well, adding to the experience.

Scuba Diving/ Snorkeling
The extensive coastline of Brazil offers an abundant supply of stunning coves, coral reefs and aquatic life that offer superb snorkeling and diving opportunities. Popular locations include around the northeastern state of Pernambuco especially around Recife. As well as the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Buzios and Ilha Grande close to Sao Paulo. Brazil also has plenty of caves and Bonito in south Brazil is the place to head if your after some underwater cave diving.

There are plenty of places throughout Brazil that offer superb canyons and waterfalls that are perfect for canyoning and cascading, such as those found around Rio de Janeiro.

Horse Riding
One of the most spectacular ways to enjoy this varied country is on horseback, where you can ride to many areas that are off the beaten track whilst getting up close to many animals within this unique environment.

Riding trails can take you to areas such as the Amazon lowlands, across the fascinating Pantanal wetlands, along some of Brazil's many superb beaches such as those found in the state of Bahia, not forgetting to mention the endless selection of superb national parks and highland regions in the south such as around Santa Catarina and Sao Paulo.

Dune Surfing/Boarding
The sport of sand boarding takes full advantage of some of the enormous sand dunes that can be found along Brazil's extensive coastline. One of the most popular areas is at Joaquina Beach in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina where dunes range from small to massive depending on your experience level.

Wind Surfing and Kite surfing
North Brazil has some excellent areas for kite surfing especially around Cumbuco and Jericoacoara within the state of Ceara, close to the city of Fortaleza where conditions remain pretty constant all year round. Also close to Fortaleza is Praia do Futuro Beach which is popular with windsurfers and surfers alike.

There are plenty of surfing locations along Brazil's extensive coastline with areas in the south especially around the state of Santa Catarina offering some of the most consistent conditions between March to October where popular locations such as Praia de Garopaba can be found. During April on the island of Florianopolis there has been hosted the ASP World Championship Tour Surfing Competition which has also taken place in Rio de Janeiro and which has attracted both local and international competitors. Further north near Fortaleza are Praia do Meireles and Praia do Futuro Beaches which also offer some great surfing opportunities.