Taronga Zoo • Sydney

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Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia Travel
Taronga Zoo was opened in 1916 and is located near Bradleys Head which is a short ferry ride from the City across Sydney Harbour. The Zoo was moved from Billy Goat Swamp which is in Moore Park to provide the animals with more room to roam and cope with the zoo's ever expanding animal population.

The Zoo has around 340 animal species on display from all around the world as well as plenty unique to Australia. Some of the Australian animals on display include the Australian Pelican, Agile Wallaby, Kangaroo, Emu, Koala, Echidna, Long Nosed Bandicoot, Rainbow Lorikeet and the Tasmanian Devil.

Other animals from around the world include Komodo Dragon, Egyptian Cobra, Giraffe, Deer, Indian Rhinoceros, Zebra, Snow Leopard, Elephants and Tortoises to name but a few.

There are plenty of cafe and picnic areas available in certain areas of the park.

Talks And Shows
There are regular shows held by some of the zoo keepers at intervals throughout the day, which can include talks from the Seal, Bird, Giraffe and Reptile keepers.

Attraction Location Guide
The Taronga Zoo is located around 7 miles from the Rocks, on the north side of Sydney Harbour to the east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, near to Bradleys Head.