Sydney Observatory
Sydney • Australia

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Sydney Observatory, Australia
The Sydney Observatory building is located on Observatory Hill in the Rocks area of Sydney and contains a museum where visitors can learn more about astrology and view the stars and planets.

The Observatory was originally used to signal time to the harbour and city which was accomplished with the use of the time ball tower, which enabled mariners to confirm that their chronometers were accurate and allow them to accurately determine their longitude when they were at sea.

The Time ball tower contained a ball that would drop at 1 o clock every day which would be accompanied by a cannon going off at Fort Denison. The time ball is still dropped daily at one o clock to mark time.

Guided Tours
There are guided tours of the facility available which includes viewing the telescopes, domes and the 3 D space theatre.

Attraction Location Guide
The Observatory is located in the Rocks area of Sydney, on Observatory Hill.