Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney • Australia

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Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most significant and iconic landmarks in Sydney.

The arch bridge was first opened in 1932 and forms a crucial link between Sydney and North Sydney and spans across Port Jackson. The bridge itself is 3,770 feet in length and around 432 feet above sea level and carries cars, buses, trains, cyclists and pedestrians.

Bridge Climb Sydney
Tours on the upper part of the bridge are available although only attempt this if your good with heights. The tour takes you on some steep climbs up ladders and over the arch, where you will be able to enjoy the most breath taking views of the harbour, the city, the Sydney Opera House and as far as the eye can see.

Bridge climbs are available during the day, twilight and at night each offering its own unique experience.

There are strict safety regulations such as being clipped on to a safety line and being over a certain age and height. The tour can be booked at 5 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney.

Pylon Lookout
There are 200 steps to reach the Pylon Lookout on the south east pylon which also contains three levels of exhibits where you can learn a little about the history and construction of the bridge as well as enjoying the lookout when you reach the top, where you can take in views of the City, Sydney harbour, Blue Mountains, Olympic Stadium and the Opera House. The Pylon Lookout also has a souvenir shop on the second floor.

To gain access to the Lookout from the City you will need to use the Bridge stairs in Cumberland street, the Rocks or the steps at Milsons Point if your entering from the north of the bridge.

Attraction Location Guide
The bridge is located at Dawes Point in The Rocks area and spans north to Milsons Point in the North Shore.