St Mary's Cathedral
Sydney • Australia

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St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, Australia
This magnificent Gothic Cathedral was designed by architect William Wardell in 1865 and which was built on the site of where a previous Cathedral had been but which had unfortunately burnt down.

It was Archbishop Polding who laid the fist foundation stone of the current Cathedral which is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside.

Inside the Cathedral you will discover beautiful stained glass windows which depict many biblical scenes and three rose windows above the Cathedral entrances. There is also an elaborate mosaic floor within the Cathedral Crypt which also houses a exhibition of the history of the Cathedral and an impressive bell tower which is often used for celebrations such as weddings. The Cathedral had two spires added to the two towers which are situated over the Southern entrance in 1999, these spires produce an even greater landmark feature.

There are guided tours of the Cathedral held every Sunday and the Cathedral is open daily.

Attraction Location Guide
The Cathedral is situated next to the tranquil Hyde Park which runs all the way down to Sydney Harbour and forms the perfect backdrop to the Cathedral.