Sydney Festival

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Sydney Festival
This immensely popular festival offers a wide and diverse cultural program that includes theatre, music and dance performances as well as fascinating talks and visual arts from both well known local and renowned international artists.

There are several locations both indoor and outdoor that are used during the event, such as Hyde Park where the festival often starts from, and which includes superb performances from live musicians and DJ's which in the past has included legendary DJ Norman Jay who has performed from atop of his legendary double decker bus as well as plenty more entertainment and live performances which more often than not continue on well into the night.

Other locations include the iconic Opera House, The Domain, Hyde Park Barracks Museum which often features plenty of live music and DJ's and the Carriageworks which all offer superb venues for both the audience and performers.

The event has plenty to offer families with plenty of fun entertainment tailored for children such as animation, puppets, music and dance as well as the hugely popular Ferrython which provides fun for all ages and sees ferries racing against each other across the harbour to the finish line at Harbour Bridge.

This annual festival lasts for over 3 weeks and usually takes place during January.

There are several locations during the festival that vary from year to year but which often include venues like Hyde Park and the impressive Opera House.

Travel Guide
Sydney has an excellent transport network around the city with plenty of busses running close to many of the venues: