Hoopla Festival

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See also: Darling Harbour

Hoopla Festival
This incredibly popular event takes place all around Darling Harbour and features all kinds of circus entertainment from acrobats to jugglers as well as plenty of fun workshops and activities to join in with.

The annual event attracts some incredibly talented artists who perform over the course of the festival to an often enthralled crowd of onlookers, there are often classic circus favorites such as trapeze, tightrope and juggling artists as well as acrobats, fire-eaters and balancing acts that need to be seen to be believed!

As well as the large scale circus performances there are smaller side shows with artists performing to a more intimate audience and activities for all the family to try such as, juggling, balancing and the coconut shy.

Date Of Hoopla Festival
This annual event takes place during April with the date often changing each year.

The Hoopla Festival takes place around Darling harbour.

Travel Guide
Darling Harbour is very accessible either by ferry to the harbour itself, by Monorail to Harbourside or Convention Station and by Light Rail to Pyrmont Bay MLR Stop and Convention Station.