Sydney Film Festival

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Sydney Film Festival
The popular Sydney Film Festival which was founded in 1954 showcases exciting new films, documentaries and short films from local and international film makers.

There are several venues used throughout the city that often include the elaborate State Theatre and the impressive Museum of Contemporary Art amongst others that also provide superb settings for both the films that are being shown and the many talks that go with them.

The festival also has competitions and awards such as the prestigious Sydney Film Prize, Australian Documentary Prize, Best Live Action Short and the Audience Award for Best Fiction Feature to name but a few.

Date Of Film Festival
The Sydney Film Festival is an annual event that is often held in June and lasts for around 12 days.

The festival uses several venues throughout the city that in the past have included the State Theatre, Art Gallery of NSW, Museum of Contemporary Art and Sydney Town Hall.

Travel Guide
There are often plenty of transport options for visiting many of the venues: