Columbus Day Regatta
Biscayne Bay • Miami

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Columbus Day Regatta
This popular event first took place in 1954 and has continued to grow in size and popularity attracting a wide range of yachts to Biscayne Bay for this annual event.

During the event hundreds of boats race across the harbour during the course of the regatta, providing quite a spectacle from both the shore and water.

On the final evening of the regatta there is the popular awards party in which all the skippers and crew members who took part in the race are invited to with awards and trophy's given out for the leading yachts in each class or class division.

Date Of Columbus Day Regatta
This annual event takes place around the public holiday of Columbus Day which occurs on the second Monday of October.

The regatta starts and finishes from Biscayne Bay.

Travel Guide
The Biscayne Bay Harbour marina is located along South Bayshore Drive, within Coral Gables.