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Travel Tips • Mexico
When visiting Mexico pack your common sense and try to be as prepared and organized as possible.

Health Tips
Pack plenty of sun cream and a hat and remember to drink plenty of bottled water. There are a number of sea creatures that contain harmful venom and if you find yourself getting stung by a jellyfish, sea urchin or stingray for example then seek medical attention immediately to determine the best course of treatment.

Avoid the tap water as it is not safe to drink, be aware that some foods such as salads will often have been washed in tap water and drinks that include ice made from tap water or fruits or juices washed in or mixed with tap water are also best avoided, there are however plenty of place to buy bottled water.

Whale Watching
The whale watching along the Pacific Coast is superb and at its best from December through to March.

Be aware that there are strong currents in some areas along pacific coast, seek advice from a reliable source before going swimming, snorkeling, surfing or body boarding.

Horseback Riding
Only go horseback riding with a reputable company and thoroughly check your own tack, horse and riding equipment before you mount and set off. Ensure that you are honest about your riding ability and level of experience for both you and your horses sake.

Many areas are best visited with a guide such as Copper Canyon, to help you to stay safe and take in the best that these areas have to offer. This also applies to many of the Mayan ruins, where guides can be arranged upon entrance to many of the site's allowing you to obtain a great deal of information that may otherwise be over looked.

Avoid wearing too many valuables, it often only draws unwanted attention to you. The best place for any documents or valuables is in your hotel's safe, although carrying around a photocopy of your documents in case you are required to show them for any reason is always useful.

Have a photocopy of your passport and other travel documents in case yours are stolen. Take a letter from your physician regarding all prescription medication that you will be travelling with.

Money belts are a great way to help keep your money safe when out and about, try to only carry small amounts of cash on you, enough for each days outing. Avoid using ATM machines at night or in poorly lit areas which thieves may be targeting. Crowded areas such as bus stops are prone to pickpockets and always keep a close eye on your personal possessions when travelling around.

Exercise caution if you plan to drive yourself around as the driving culture can be a little creative to say the least, it is often easier to hire a car and driver rather than to drive yourself. If using long distance busses, go for first class as its far more comfortable and only use licenced taxis (Taxis Autorizados) which can often be arranged via your hotel or lodging.

First Aid Kit
Take your own small first aid kit as it often saves time and is more convenient.