Northwest Mexico Travel Guide

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Northwest Mexico
The northwest contains several stunning areas of natural beauty from vast desert areas to the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains with its many striking volcanic rock formations, dense forests and canyons, which includes the ever popular Copper Canyon a firm favorite with hikers and those seeking a more rugged adventure challenge.

The dreamy beaches and marine life along the northwest are superb with the Sea of Cortez well known for its excellent whale watching opportunities along with plenty more areas perfect for snorkeling, diving as well as surfing and swimming.

Regions and Cities
Northwest Mexico borders with the United States to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west and to the south and includes the following states and cities:

The climate in the northwest varies considerably depending on location with Baja California temperatures averaging between 65 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, while Durago's semi arid climate can range from 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit

The semi arid climate of Chihuahua at its higher altitude averages temperatures of around 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit which is in contrast to areas like Sinaloa which have a warm climate that often averages between 70 and 100 Fahrenheit.

Handcrafted wooden items and baskets are particularly impressive in and around Copper Canyon, in the northwest many of which are traditionally made by the native Tarahumara Indians.

Sites and Attractions
The northwest offers spectacular diversity from its rugged mountain wilderness and deserts to pristine beaches that run alongside stunning waters that are bursting with no end of marine life and opportunities for exploration for those with a curious nature.