Northeast Mexico Travel Guide

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Northeast Mexico Travel Guide
Mexico's northeast offers plenty of rustic charm with colonial towns scattered amongst the spectacular mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental. The cities here are thriving and Monterrey is no exception offering everything from historic sights, parks and museums to a vibrant nightlife and modern architecture.

The northeast has a varied climate depending on the area, with mountain regions often remaining cool all year round and the semi arid desert regions notably more hot often ranging in temperature from 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, for example has mild winters and hot summers with temperatures ranging from 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter to 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, while Torreon in Coahuila averages 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer.

Northeast Regions And Cities

The northeast has plenty of charming small local markets scattered throughout the region often selling a wide range of handmade products, in contrast the larger cities such as Monterrey has its fair share of upmarket shopping malls containing designer fashions, restaurants, banks as well as other modern amenities. Saltillo also has a wide selection of goods with the traditional woven serape's in bright colours a prominent feature in this region.

The beaches along the northeast coast are relaxed and unspoiled with a superb variety of marine life on offer giving visitors ample opportunities to enjoy snorkeling, diving or simply swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Northeast Sites and Attractions
The northeast offers spectacular mountainous scenery filled with dramatic rock formations, valleys, pine and oak forests, striking waterfalls and no shortage of flora and fauna.