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Mexico City
Mexico's Capital city offers visitors a chance to explore the cities rich history from the Aztec ruins of the cities foundations through the ages to impressive Colonial era buildings and beyond to the modern cosmopolitan city that it has become today, bursting with energy, culture and the arts.

The months of March through to August often have temperatures well into the seventies with April and May often recording the highest temperatures, which is in contrast to the winter months where temperatures can drop to around 40 to 45 degree Fahrenheit, especially during the evenings in November, December and January, however daytime temperatures are often much higher.

There are plenty of local markets within Mexico City such as Mercado la Ciudadela that provide opportunities to purchase traditionally handcrafted goods such as woven garments, jewelry and ceramic items along with many other souvenirs as well, and be prepared to haggle in the markets, its all part of the fun.

Mexico City also has numerous stores and boutiques such as those found in the extremely upmarket district of Polanco as well as in the districts of Altavista, Condesa and Centro Historica where the likes of jewelry, shoe, food, art and craft shops can all be found and for those looking for a modern mall with designer fashions and all the amenities will not be disappointed with the likes of Centro Santa Fe and Perisur which offer ample retail therapy.

Travel Guide
Mexico City can be reached by plane via the AICM, Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez Airport (MEX) which is located a few miles to the east of Mexico cities centre. The airport has links to major cities throughout the country and to other international airports as well.

There are frequent long distance coach and busses regularly linking many other cities and areas to Mexico City and once inside these cities you'll find plenty of transport available. If hailing a taxi from the street be sure to only use one that is licenced for obvious safety reasons, alternatively you can ask your hotel to book one for you.

Busses are available throughout the city and they are often the cheapest form of travel as long as you don't mind the crowds and have a firm hold on your belongings, which also applies to the extensive metro system which is also quick and efficient. Long distance busses also offer regular services to areas such as Puebla, Veracruz, Yucatan, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Cuernavaca, Mazatlan, Monterrey, San Luis Potosi and Guadalajara.

Driving in Mexico City is not recommended due to the erratic nature of many of the drivers and given that there is plenty of public transport and taxis readily available there is often no need if you plan to stay within the city.

Mexico City Districts
Mexico City is vast and is made up of several districts, one of the most well known for visitors is the historic center known as the Centro Historico which contains the large Zocalo plaza and the Aztec ruins of Tenochtitlan, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Palace of Fine Arts and numerous museums.

The Chapultepec district contains the large urban park of the same name which features a zoo and countless museums including Museum of Modern Art, National Anthropological Museum as well as the beautiful park settings which includes several walking paths past lakes and botanical gardens.

The district of Polanco is the place to go for art galleries, upmarket shopping and excellent dining experiences, while the districts of Zona Rosa and Condesa and Roma are also incredibly tourist friendly with ample nightclubs, bars, restaurants, shopping and hotels and are all within close proximity to the Centro Historico.

To the south of the city are the canals and floating artificial islands of Xochimilco which are known for their historic Aztec roots on what used to be a former lake and a unique travel attraction.

Within the districts of Coyoacan and San Angel you will be able to enjoy the cobblestone streets set amongst modern boutique shops, restaurants and museums.

Mexico City Sites And Attractions
There are no shortage of places to visit within this surprising city with ancient ruins, art galleries, museums, monuments and a large urban park amongst the popular sites to visit:

The air pollution between the months of December and May is particularly noticeable, which combined with the high altitude may cause problems for those with respiratory or heart conditions, however most visitors do adjust quickly to the higher altitude.