Ollin Kan Festival
Mexico City

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Ollin Kan Festival
This vibrant music festival offers plenty of traditional folk music as well as other music genres that have included the likes of rock and jazz as well more modern music which blends several genres together to become its own unique style altogether.

The festival has both local and international musicians taking part in what has become a highly anticipated event for both spectators and performers alike, which often has around 200 groups from around the world taking part over the course of the month. Some of the countries who have taken part in the past include Algeria, India, Venezuela, USA, England, Holland, China, Morocco, Mongolia, Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Haiti and France.

With the amount of different countries taking part there is naturally plenty of cultural diversity and no shortage of energy with many countries performing their traditional music styles accompanied with plenty of dancing and dramatic's, as well as singing and of course colourful and traditional outfits.

The Ollin Kan Festival attracts quite simply thousands of spectators who come to enjoy the musical variety that this festival offers which combined with the fact that most of the performances are free of charge simply adds to the charm of this fascinating musical and cultural event.

Date Of Ollin Kan
This popular festival takes place annually during the whole month of November.

The Ollin Kan Festival takes place within Mexico City in central Mexico.

Travel Guide
Mexico City is easily accessible by plane to Mexico City International Airport (MEX) also known as Benito Juarez International Airport, which has links to many other major cities both domestic and international as well as having good transport links to other destinations by bus and cars.