New Years Eve

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New Years Eve In Mexico
There are plenty of celebrations held throughout the country to help welcome in the new year with style, with fireworks, music and firecrackers all playing a prominent role in many of the festivities.

New years eve and new years day follow on shortly after Christmas celebrations which themselves lead up to Three Kings Day or Epiphany on the 6th of January when many friends and family members will exchange gifts and to Candlemas (El Dia de la Candelaria) which takes place on the 2nd of February.

Many Mexican friends and families will get together on New Years Eve for a traditional dinner and then go out afterwards to join in with the lively street celebrations and party atmosphere that often takes over public places with one of the most exuberant being the zocala in Mexico City where large crowds gather to witness the colour spectacle of fireworks and firecrackers and plenty of live music entertainment that surrounds the main square. In other areas of Mexico people often gather around bonfires and sing and dance there way into the New Year and you'll often hear plenty of bells ringing in delight to welcome in the New Year.

Many of the beach resorts such as those found around Playa del Carmen in Cancun, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta offer superb firework displays close to the water and no end of lively party all night entertainment.

Traditional foods eaten on New Years Eve can include Bacalao which is a dried and salted Codfish, Tamales, Turkey, Mole and Pozole are amongst some of the foods often eaten which depending on where you dine may be a buffet style or a more formal affair, either way your meal will often be accompanied with plenty of drink, music and general entertainment. Sweet bread will often accompany the meal and it is a tradition for a coin to be placed into the bread prior to baking and whoever has the piece of sweet bread on New Years Eve that contains the coin have good luck for the year.

There are a variety of Mexican traditions that are popular on New Years Eve including eating a spoonful of cooked lentils or giving a friend or relative a handful of dry lentils for good fortune in the coming year.

Another tradition is when the 12 chimes start to countdown for New Years Day eat a grape on each chime making a wish each time for every month of the coming year and if you wish to travel or go on holiday then it is often a tradition to walk with your suitcase either around the block or around your house.

Many people will decorate their houses with specific colours or wear a particular colour undergarment to help influence the year ahead, with the most popular being red for love, for wealth and fortune then wear yellow and for health wear green.

Date Of New Years Eve
New years eve takes place on the 31st of December with new years day which is also a bank holiday taking place on the 1st of January.

Travel Guide
In many of the cities the roads surrounding public squares where celebrations will be taking place are often closed off to traffic, however there is often plenty of public transport and taxis available.