Morelia International Music Festival
Morelia • Mexico

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Morelia International Music Festival
This immensely popular music festival known as Festival de Musica de Morelia attracts hundreds of both local and international musicians to the city of Morelia where their performances can be enjoyed in many locations around the city.

The music festival was founded in 1989 and inspired by the well known Mexican composer and organist Miguel Bernal Jimenez who was born in Michoacan and well known for his diverse range of works throughout his career.

The festival often consists of over 40 concerts with classical chamber orchestras, solo performances and choirs amongst some of the live performances on offer, which in the past has included talented musicians from both Mexico and from further afield such as the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, USA, Germany and Switzerland amongst some of the countries who have taken part in this ever growing music festival.

There are several locations used over the course of the festival such as the Teatro Morelos, Palacio Municipal, Palacio de Gobierno, Teatro Jose Ruben Romero and the Plaza de Armas, with daytime and evening performances often available.

The city of Morelia also offers plenty of sites of interest especially within the historic centre where plenty of structures, monuments and sites of interest can be found including the impressive Cathedral of Morelia, the Michoacan Institute of Culture (Casa de la Cultura), Museum Of Colonial Art ( Museo de Arte Colonial) and the State Museum (Museo del Estado).

Date Of Festival
This popular annual music festival usually lasts for around two weeks during mid November.

Morelia, Michoacan is located in Central Mexico around 200 miles west of Mexico City and 100 miles southwest of Santiago de Queretara and 200 miles south of San Luis Potosi.

Travel Guide
There are plenty of busses that travel to Morelia from Mexico City alternatively you can travel by plane to Morelia International Airport (MLM) which has links to Tijuana and Mexico City.