Las Posadas
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Las Posadas
Las Posadas celebrations often mark the beginning of the Christmas celebrations and are enjoyed throughout the country in varying size and participation.

Beginning on the 16th of December and running through to Christmas Eve there are nine evening celebrations in honour of Mary and Joseph's struggle to find lodging on their journey, with each of the nine days symbolizing the nine months of Mary's pregnancy.

Every evening a procession will journey through the village knocking on doors seeking lodging until eventually they find an innkeeper who allows them to enter. These processions often have participants dressed up as the parts of Mary and Joseph and in certain areas real donkeys are also used, followed by other followers young and old dressed up as angels and shepherds with many carrying lighted candles.

At the end of the procession there are prayers and the singing of traditional carols followed by other celebrations such as music and dancing and for children the breaking open of a pinatas which are traditionally made out of clay and filled with sweets and treats.

On Christmas Eve the final posadas often conclude with mass at the local church which is often beautifully decorated with the red poinsettia flower. Afterwards friends and family often get-together and enjoy a meal and continue with further celebrations.

Date Of Las Posadas
Las Posadas take place every year between the 16th and the 24th of December.

Las Posadas celebrations take place throughout the country.

Travel Guide
Travel is relatively unaffected by Las Posadas during this time with busses often running to schedule and taxis freely available.