Morismas Festival
Zacatecas • Mexico

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La Morismas
This unique festival is a dramatic staging of the many battles that went on between the Christians and the Moors as well as an event which commemorates Saint John The Baptist. The event is staged just outside the city at Lomas de Bracho, which offers excellent viewing for spectators.

This event features quite simply thousands of participants of all ages who are beautifully dressed in traditional clothing of the time acting out many historic battle scenes with plenty of colourful staged drama added in for good measure.

There is a large parade through the town centre of the troops that are taking part, accompanied with marching bands along the route, giving spectators a great chance to view the costumes, actors as well as some well acted out skirmishes as well.

Date Of La Morismas Festival
This unique event often takes place annually towards the end of August usually on the last weekend of the month.

La Morismas takes place within the city of Zacatecas which is about 120 miles west of San Luis Potosi and 380 miles southeast of Mazatlan.

Travel Guide
Zacatecas can be reached by bus from San Luis Potosi and Mazatlan or via plane to Zacatecas International Airport (ZCL) which has domestic link to Mexico City.