Mexico Independence Day
Dia de la Independencia

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Independence Day • Mexico
Mexico's independence was achieved in 1821 and it is the initiating sequence of events that are annually celebrated with great fervour especially within Mexico City.

It was on the 16th September back in 1810 that Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the church bells to summon the towns people of Dolores, Guanajuato to rise up against the Spanish, an event which lead on to Mexico's War of Independence.

One of the most impressive Independence Day celebrations occurs within Mexico City where on the 15th at 11pm the President rings a bell from the balcony of the National Palace to imitate the same way that Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla did in 1810. The president then says the words of the Independence Day speech to which the people in the crowd will loudly respond with "Viva" and rejoice in great celebration that usually involves plenty of flag waving, cheering and an impressive fireworks display to round off the evening, there are often plenty of food stalls set up around the square which add to the bustling atmosphere.

The following day there are impressive parades of the countries armed forces which parade through the main Zocalo. The area is adorned with plenty of red, white and green decorations, with plenty of flags, confetti and patriotic hats available for spectators during the parades, adding to this colourful and historic celebration.

Date Of Independence Day
The Presidents speech takes place on the 15th September at 11pm from the balcony at the National Palace and the main parades take place on the 16th within Mexico City's main square.

Independence Day is celebrated throughout Mexico with Mexico City putting on one of the most impressive displays within the Zocalo.