Guelaguetza Festival
Oaxaca • Mexico

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Guelaguetza Festival
This colourful festival is also known as Lunes del Cerro and is traditional cultural festival that brings the local communities of Oaxaca together for a very unique celebration.

On the last two Mondays in July, different communities gather and perform traditional dances from the region making this a wonderful cultural display. Quite often after a dance has been performed the dancers will throw gifts into the crowd usually in the form of a handmade products from their area as a form of offering which dates back to the festivals early roots where communities would all bring necessary items to make the festival or other social gathering get underway, hence the festivals name Guelaguetza, actually means offering.

The event takes place within the Guelaguetza Auditorium which is built into the hillside and offers excellent views of city and has seating for several thousand allowing the many colourful dances to be enjoyed.

During the festival a young woman from the region is chosen to represent the corn goddess Centeotl, this is quite an honour although the contest is more a real test of the knowledge she holds of the regions culture and traditions rather than a beauty contest.

Date Of Guelaguetza Festival
This annual event takes place on the last two Monday's in July.

The festival takes place in Oaxaca, Mexico which is around 290 miles south east of Mexico City, and 240 miles to the south of Veracruz.

Travel Guide
Oaxaca can be reached by bus or car from Mexico City often taking between 5 and 6 hours to reach or alternatively via plane to Oaxaca's main airport, Xoxocotlan International Airport (OAX).