Equinox At Chichen Itza
Yucatan Peninsula

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Equinox At Chichen Itza
One of the great highlights at the archaeological complex at Chichen Itza is during the summer and autumnal Equinox, where sunlight casts a shadow down one of the sites largest and most impressive pyramids known as El Castillo or the Kulkulkan Temple.

The legend that surrounds the temple is that during the equinox the feathered serpent god Kulkulkan travels back to earth to provide blessing's to the people for good health and a bountiful harvest before returning to the underworld.

The shadow that is created is unique in that it takes the shape of a snake which slowly travels down the side of the pyramid before joining up with a stone carved head of a snake at the base.

During the Equinox huge crowds understandably gather to watch this superb feat of Mayan architectural and astronomical accuracy which is undoubtedly one of Chichen Itza's calendar highlights, with the shadow usually appearing in the late afternoon. There is a party atmosphere and visitors at this time of year are often treated to traditional music and plenty of dancing as well adding to this great occasion.

Date Of Equinox At Chichen Itza
The dates of the equinox vary from year to year with the spring equinox often taking place in late March around the 20th and the autumn equinox taking place in late September around the 22nd.

Chichen Itza is located in the state of Yucatan in southeast Mexico.

Travel Guide
The site at Chichen Itza can be easily reached by bus with many regular services from Merida, Cancun, Tulum and Coba going to the town of Piste where Chichen Itza is located. There are tours available from the likes of Cancun and Merida which regularly depart to Chichen Itza and you are advised to get to the site early as it can get very overcrowded especially during the equinox.