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Easter (Semana Santa)
Easter is widely celebrated throughout Mexico with the week that runs from Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday known as Semana Santa and the week after from Easter Sunday to the following Saturday known as Pascua.

There are often colourful reenactments of Christ's life on the last days leading up to his crucifixion which often include elaborately staged scenes of the Last Supper, Judas's betrayal, the procession to the cross, crucifixion as well as Jesus's resurrection.

During Semana Santa you will often find there to be a very joyous mood surrounding the events with celebrations often taking on a very festive feel in many areas with plenty of traditional food and drink such as sweet biscuits known as roscas, spicy rolls called pambazos and fried plaintains to be found on various stalls alongside plenty of fresh fruit drinks.

One of the most elaborate reenactments can be found at Iztapalapa where hundreds of participants join in dressed as soldiers and other key figure such as Mary and Judas in traditional clothing to act out various scenes.

Each year a new actor has the privilege of playing the sought after part of Jesus which sees the crucifixion scenes being one of the most dramatic with Palm Sunday and Jesus's resurrection some of the most joyous. During the course of Easter week, thousands of visitors flock to Iztapalapa to witness these very special reenactments.

In some areas of the country you'll find that there are other traditions that take place alongside that of a religious nature such as the burning of political effigies.

Easter Date
Easter is a moveable feast which is linked to the forty days of Lent, the last week of Lent is known as Holy Week or Semana Santa and includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. The week after is known as Pascua which starts on Easter Sunday and finishes the following Saturday.

Easter is widely celebrated throughout Mexico with Iztapalapa, Mexico City one of the most popular.

Travel Guide
Many Mexican's take a two week break during Easter so you may find that several businesses are closed during this time depending on your location you will either have a quiet week or if your heading towards the beach a very crowded holiday. It is advisable to book as early as possible if you plan to visit during Easter and be prepared for prices to increase during this time.