Constitution Day Mexico
Dia de la Constitution  

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Constitution Day
Mexico's Constitution Day (Dia de la Constitucion) is a celebrated public holiday in commemoration of the 1917 Constitution which took place on the 5th of February.

During Constitution Day there are parades held within zocalo's around the country which often feature marching bands, alongside other participants wearing colourful outfits and no shortage of banners and flags of green, white and red adorning many public buildings and streets, especially within the major cities.

This is also a time when many Mexicans will make the most of the long weekend as Constitution Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in February, following a Mexican Labour Law which into place in 2006, allowing many people to go away for a holiday or get-together with friends and family with festivities often including traditional food, live music with plenty of dancing.

Date Of Mexico's Constitution Day
Originally celebrated on the 5th of February now Constitution Day takes place annually on the first Monday in February.

Constitution Day is celebrated throughout Mexico and is particularly impressive in cities such as Mexico City.

Travel Guide
In most areas travel will be unaffected although many shops, banks and businesses close for this day.