Christmas In Mexico

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Christmas In Mexico
Christmas is celebrated throughout Mexico and includes many days of interest, from the opening Posadas to Christmas Day (Navidad), Epiphany (Dia de los Santos Reyes) and finishing with Candlemas (Dia de la Candelaria) in February.

La Posadas are often incredibly colourful street processions that take place on every one of the nine days before Christmas with each day re-enacting the struggle Mary and Joseph had in their search for shelter before the birth of the baby Jesus. As part of the Posada there is often the chance for children to try to break open a clay pinata that is suspended from the ceiling and which once broken rewards the children with small gifts or sweets.

On Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) many Mexicans will attend a Midnight Mass service at their local church which is known as La Misa Del Gallo and it is common to find plenty of red poinsettia flowers as decorations during this time.

Christmas Day is a great time for the family get together and enjoy a traditional meal which can includes foods such as Turkey, Christmas Day salad, tamales and Bacalao which is a dried and salted Codfish.

The exchanging of presents although often traditionally reserved for Epiphany or Three Kings Day often takes place on Christmas Day as well and it is on Three Kings Day that the sweetbread known as Roscas de Reyes is traditionally eaten. The Roscas are baked in many sizes but all will contain a small figurine of the baby Jesus and whoever receives the figurine will have the honour of playing host to the Candlemas celebrations in February.

Date Of Christmas
Christmas is celebrated annually with Christmas Day taking place on the 25th of December, Three Kings Day celebrated on the 6th of January and Candlemas celebrated on the 2nd of February, with many Posadas beginning nine days before Christmas Day on the 16th of December.

Christmas takes place throughout Mexico and you'll find more traditional Christmas celebrations taking place in rural areas towards the north of the country with beautiful nativity scenes found just about everywhere.

Travel Guide
Travel on Christmas Day is often limited unless you have your own transport and it is advisable to book as early as possible during this busy holiday period.