Cervantino Festival
Guanajuato • Mexico

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Cervantino Festival
The International Cervantino Festival is an ever growing and popular celebration that features hundreds of artistic and cultural events that take place throughout the city of Guanajuato.

The Cervantino festival features performances by both local and international artists with a varied programme that lasts for nearly the whole month of October.

There are beautifully costumed theatrical displays with the likes of contemporary and classic performances often included as well as solo musicians performing recitals and larger scale orchestras with performances by renowned national and international musicians.

Alongside the classical music performances are plenty more music genres performing large scale concerts as well as smaller more intimate shows. There also activity workshops, conferences, film screenings and a variety of art exhibitions that cover classical and modern themes.

Date Of Cervantino Festival
This annual event usually takes place within the month of October usually during the first three weeks.

The event takes place within the city of Guanajuato, central Mexico and uses several locations including the impressive Juarez Theatre in the city centre.

Travel Guide
Guanajuato has several major highways that link to several areas and cities such as Mexico City, alternatively Guanajuato Airport is well linked to several areas in Mexico including Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Tijuana as well as internationally.