Candlemas • Mexico
Dia de la Candelaria

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Candlemas In Mexico
Following on from the Christmas celebrations is the religious Candlemas also known as Dia de la Candelaria which is celebrated throughout Mexico as either a quiet time for friends and family to get together or a chance for the whole town to get together and enjoy live music entertainment and parades often forming part of the celebrations for everyone to enjoy.

One of the most popular Candlemas traditions is that whoever broke the sweetbread known as Rosca de Reyes containing the figurine of the baby Jesus on Epiphany has to host the Candlemas celebrations which often involve plenty of traditional food such as tamales.

It is traditional to dress up a figurine of the baby Jesus with a new outfit for Candlemas which are often very colourful and beautifully made and then take the figure to the local church to be blessed.

Candlemas Date
In Mexico Candlemas takes place annually on the 2nd of February. Candlemas is also closely linked with Epiphany which takes place on the 6th of January and Christmas on the 25th of December.