El Tajin • Veracruz • Mexico

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El Tajin • Veracruz
The impressive archaeological site of El Tajin is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site which features many areas of interest from the sacred Pyramid of Niches to many other palace structures, platforms, ball courts, numerous statues and detailed carved panels.

El Tajin was a ceremonial center and city that thrived during the early part of the 9th century through to the early part of the 13th century. This vast city was later abandoned roughly around AD 1200 where it remained untouched until 1785, by which time the city had become covered in vegetation hiding its many secrets away from the world, with many areas even today still awaiting discovery.

The Pyramid of Niches is one of the sites most well known structures and contains some 365 niches which are thought to coincide with the days of the year. Each of the niches have blue frames with red pained interiors with the whole structure reaching some 60 feet in height.

This impressive site also contains a fascinating museum that contains many items recovered from El Tajin as well as a shop with refreshments available as well.

El Tajin is located in the state of Veracruz in eastern Mexico, close to the town of Papantla and approximately 30 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico coastline and 140 miles north west of the city of Veracruz.

Travel Guide
There are frequent bus services available from Veracruz to Papantla as well as from Poza Rica de Hidalgo which is around 14 miles north of the site, alternatively you can rent a car.