Copper Canyon
Las Barrancas Del Cobre • Mexico

From: Northwest Mexico

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Copper Canyon
Mexico's Las Barrancas Del Cobre more popularly known as Copper Canyon offers some breathtaking natural scenery, which is set amongst a vast network of unique canyons that are bursting with rock formations, lush tropical green forests and valleys, lakes and stunning waterfalls all of which give a wonderful sense of wilderness.

There are several guides available in nearby Creel that can show you some of the best locations depending upon your time frame and those willing to explore will not be disappointed with plenty of popular areas such as the Recohuata hot springs which are located at the bottom of the Tararecua Canyon, near to Creel, as well as other locations such as Lake Arereco, the Basaseachi waterfall and Piedra Volada waterfall which are equally impressive and especially during the rainy season.

The area has great diversity from the green valleys where rivers are surrounded by lush vegetation to sparse desert areas, forests and higher altitudes where birds such as the hawks can be seen effortlessly soaring through canyon, other wildlife within the park includes the likes of black bears, deer and pumas along with several species of birds such as woodpeckers, hummingbirds and vultures.

One of the best times for visiting the canyon is during the months of September and October when many of the wildflowers are in full bloom, although any time of year will provide its own unique charm and sense of adventure. The waterfalls are at their most superb during the months of July, August and September which is during the rainy season.

Adventure Travel
Copper Canyon is packed with several natural valleys, streams, waterfalls and rock formations which lend themselves beautifully to sports such as rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking. There are plenty opportunities to arrange a guides, hire mountain bikes and book a horseback riding trek in Creel.

Copper Canyon is located in the northwestern state of Chuhuahua, Mexico with one of the best locations for beginning a Copper Canyon adventure is from Creel, or for more remote areas head south of Chihuahua City towards the town of Hidalgo de Parall.

Travel Guide
Copper Canyon can be easily reached by train, bus or car, with one of the most popular routes to get there being from the port city of Los Mochis which lies on the eastern side of the Sea of Cortez and is where the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad which is more popularly known as El Chepe begins its journey through some incredibly striking scenery through the vast network of canyons, valleys and tunnels to the city of Chihuahua. From the city you can then travel on to the city of Creel by bus where you will find plenty of guides to show you around Copper Canyon.