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Chacchoben • Mexico
The impressive former Mayan settlement of Chacchoben is located within the state of Quintana Roo and is an excellent site to visit, being not too far from Chetumal on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

After the site was abandoned it lay hidden away and untouched for many years becoming densely covered with green vegetation, which after careful restoration has uncovered three impressive pyramids that are set amongst a dense jungle that adds to the backdrop of these magnificent structures.

Chacchoben's three unique pyramids have each been carefully excavated and restored over the years and there is a relatively easy walking path that beautifully links all three pyramids together which along with an informative guided tour which takes a few hours to complete provides great insight into the site and the cities former inhabitants.

There are areas on some of the pyramids that still contain traces of the red paint that they were once originally covered in, these areas have been covered to protect them from further decay and in their day must have looked a very impressive sight. Chacchoben also contains a beautifully detailed and well preserved stone slab which contains Mayan hieroglyphic's.

Like many Mayan pyramids there are areas which visitors are not permitted to access, however this does not take anything away from this fascinating site.

Chacchoben contains a small cafe and there are plenty of local vendors selling all manner of handmade goods such as clothing, baskets, pottery and detailed carved objects of wood or stone.

The Mayan ruins are located close to the town of Chacchoben in the southeastern state of Quintana Roo, around 100 miles south of Tulum, or 45 miles west of Costa Maya Port.

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There are plenty of tours available from Costa Maya Port or Chetumal alternatively you can use public transport, hire a car and driver or rent your own car and go exploring.